Free Account Website is a platform to share free pro accounts for the most popular games. By visiting our website, you can easily access free accounts with high-level and valuable items for many games. Since these accounts are obtained completely legally, it is possible to use them without any problems.

The login information published on the Free Account Website is published publicly. Published is achieved by several different methods. These methods are;

Free Accounts Shared by Users

Many users who visit our website send an account that they do not use or want to share to to show their gratitude. Our team checks all submitted accounts to see if they are working. Then, the Employee accounts are published in the relevant category on our website. This trend has continued since the day our website was founded. You can contact our website to share an account that you do not use with someone who needs it.

Accounts derived from Web Pages

Another way we get free accounts is; checking web pages. Although many websites claim to share free accounts, most of this is false. That’s why our website checks all free account sharing websites with special software. Then, its operability is tested by checking the shared login information in the relevant category. Finally, we publish the list of successful running accounts on our website. So you don’t have to waste time checking hundreds of websites. You only need to visit the free account website for a working login.